Top Ten Electronic Gadgets – 2012

1. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet
…first ever LCD writing tablet!
So much fun, you won’t want to put it down! This is like having a notepad to doodle and write on – in electronic form! This gadget is still at the top of the list, for the second year in a row!
2. Watch, Camera & Camcorder
…all in one!
Watch Camera/camcorder – HQ 640 x 480 pixel 30FPS. Genuine Sphere Gadget Technologies branded product. Built in 4GB flash memory. USB compatible.
Sphere Gadget Technologies designed this spy camera and camcorder concealed in a wristwatch. Great for convenience (nothing to hold) and for getting those videos that some might not want you to have. 640 x 480 pixel HQ resolution video quality, with 4GB internal flash drive storage for three hours of video recording.
3. Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert
…for help with parking.
Very cool… an ultrasonic sensor will detect the distance of a car from the wall and help you get it into the right spot every time. These little gadgets have become uber-popular as of late.
4. Mighty Mini Laser
…a portable laser light show…
OMG I wish we’d had these in the sixties! That would have saved so much time and trouble! Yes, I worked with a light show company for a while. Lots to do! But now you can have a light show generator gadget in your pocket, turn it on, enjoy, and impress your friends. Very cool.

5. Mini Laser Stage Lighting Projector
…red and green.
Another way to fill your room with light. These things must be especially popular this year as two of them are in the top ten! This unit offers laser lighting in red and green for performers. If your room is large enough it can fill the room with light. Very impressive display!
6. Optical Finger Mouse
…2-button Ergonomic, USB, 800dpi.
For that price, I’d say this would make a fantastic stocking stuffer! It looks like something that would be fun to try out. It must also be a trendy gadget since it is in the top ten.
7. Powerful Green Laser Pointer
…5mw 532nm Astronomy Powerful Green Laser Pointer
This points a green laser beam at whatever you want to point out, and is a cool tool especially for teachers. I can think of other uses as well. Personally, I’m not a teacher, but I’d still have fun with it.

8. 8X Monocular
…Ruby Coated Lens 20mm, Heavy Silver Body.
The one person who reviewed this monocular stated “It is indeed the coolest item on Amazon.” That could be. This works like a pair of binoculars, but is small enough to fit into your pocket. Awesome!
9. A Covert Coin
…looks like a real quarter but contains a secret compartment.
I don’t understand why the covert quarter is number 9 on the list when it won’t hold the micro SD card. The half-dollar will, so why isn’t it in the top ten instead? Apparently these faux-coins are popular anyway.
10. Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset
…lightweight bluetooth!
This fits over the ear, not in it, and has great sound quality. Definitely a worthwhile product.
Below this box are some items that were on last year’s list. Most are still very popular.
Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p
…instant access movies on your TV via high speed internet connection!

Watch movies on TV via your internet connection with this easy-to-install device. It downstreams from Netflix, Amazon video on demand, and other sites and via wireless high definition video works with any TV. Sets up in only five minutes!

Apple iPod touch 64 GB (4th Generation)
This is the 64 gig with capacity for about 16000 songs, 80000 photos, or 80 hours of video. With a single charge there’s 40 hours audio playback or 7 hours of video. 3.5″ widescreen display.
Franklin Spelling Corrector
…an ingenious way to learn to spell the right way!
Very helpful for those who need help with spelling, crossword puzzles, students writing papers. Connects to the computer via USB. Includes Rolodex databank, calculator, and six word games. Displays up to sixteen characters.
SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer with Embedded Thermal Printer
…doesn’t this look like fun for anyone who needs to do a lot of shopping?
Who ever thought grocery shopping could be so much fun? Attach this gadget to the fridge and when you run out of something, press a button and say what you need, be it milk, bread or spaghetti sauce. It has state-of-the-art voice recognition, 2500 pre-loaded items, a built in printer that requires no ink (it is thermal printing), and includes three rolls of paper for printing your lists. It works with four AA batteries.
I-Pen Digital Pen Writer Ipen Optical USB Mouse Input Device
…use it like a mouse with a computer!
This little gadget has two modes: mouse and pen. In mouse mode it acts exactly like a computer mouse should – fast, point and click action! But put it in pen mode and you can write notes on web pages that will still be there later, draw, write letters that will be transformed into typewritten text, and save reminder notes – or email them later. This pen is lightweight and small, ideal for laptop users. It has a standard mouse driver and standard USB connection – just plug in and play. Use on any surface; no pad required.
Wireless In Car FM Transmitter with Remote
…listen to your mp3 collection while driving in the car!
Wireless gadget that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter plug. Turn on the stereo and tune to the same frequency and you’ll be able to listen to your mp3 collection via your car’s stereo! The LCD display tells the volume and the name of each song.
Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget
This tiny keychain gadget can be used as a remote control with up to five hundred television brands. Provides master power on/off, volume, mute, channel changer, and audio/visual inputs. Easy to use – just point and click. Great stocking stuffer!
EZ-FIND! 25 Item Wireless Electronic Locator
…just what everyone needs!
I’ll bet you know someone who constantly loses things. I do… and this is what I will get him! It can track up to twenty-five easily misplaced items including wallets, cameras, remote controls, pets, keys, and gameboys. EZ-find tags have an on/off switch and attach with keyrings or adhesive. Each item is assigned a number. When something is lost, press the number and you’ll hear the tag beeping. Tags have low-battery features and you can buy replacements separately.
The Kindle
…couldn’t end this list without mentioning the Amazon Kindle!
Electronic book readers are the rage, and threaten to take over the publishing industry. They are easy to carry and fun to read. There’s no eyestrain, no piles of books, no bookcases collecting dust. You can carry and entire library full of books on your Kindle. I am a huge Kindle fan, can you tell? Very popular with anyone who loves to read, including teens.

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